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News and olds regarding unimportant projects.

Morphology Released

I have released another game I made for a class project. It is a simple turn-based puzzle game

Play it offline or online.

I hope to complete some more games over the summer. I have some older demos as well as some new ideas. Let's just leave LMSGames 2 and The Haggler 2 as potential options...

ZDoomRandomizer Version 1.1 Released

Adds the ability to randomize sprites.

Get it here

The Haggler Version 1 Released

It is with great pleasure to release my first “real” video game, The Haggler. This was a project for an Android App Development class (but there's no Android version available at the moment.)

The game is a bizarre choose your own adventure style game.

Itch.io / Offline Downloads
Play On Kongregate

JARC-APK v1.3 Released

Added command line options
More Info

Apkizer v1.0 Released

New Releases

I have released some more things over the past few months. Here are the new updates and software.

ZDoom Resource Randomizer 1.2 was released. It adds a GUI. Get it here.

DIRP v5a was released. It adds 8 new weapons, 1 new item, and adds MM8BDM v5 compatibility. Get it here.

Haggler VNE was released. This was the game engine I used in "The Haggler" for HaxeFlixel. Get it here.

I updated my mini modes for MM8BDM v5 and created "Megahot" mode based on the game SuperHot. Get it here.

I released "Random File Picker". This allows you to run a randomly selected file from a list. Get it here.